Milky Way

Vichoos Tomato Ketchup

Vichoos Tomato Ketchup manufactured using the highest quality Tomato paste from quality certified sources using a unique recipe to deliver a premium Ketchup which delivers superior taste all the time. Available in pet squeeze bottles, pet jars, glass jars, food service gallon and sachets with a quality seal for freshness.

Vichoos Mayonnaise

Vichoos Mayonnaise manufactured using the highest quality ingredients such as GMO free soy bean Oil, Egg Yolk, natural vinegar and quality condiments to deliver superior taste, and a delicious culinary experience. Available in pet squeeze bottles, pet jars, glass jars, food service gallon and sachets with a quality seal for freshness.

Salad Dressings

Vichoos Italian Dressing are manufactured using quality ingredients with buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, herbs and spices. Each flavour enhances the taste and flavour of salads of with different recipes. Available in a convenient pet bottles & food service packaging.

Mineral water

Elite Pure Mineral Drinking Water from the natural sources to fullfill your thirst. Elite is naturally-sourced premium drinking water, combining an unforgettably refreshing and crisp taste with natural, replenishing minerals.

Delite Premium Sugar

Vichoos White Sugar is extra fine granulated, free-flowing and of the highest quality. This all-purpose sugar is ideal for table use, baking, preserving, canning, and for sweetening beverages. Can be obtained in 1Kg, 2Kg packs or in sachet packs.

Instant Milk Powder

Vichoos Instant Full Cream Milk Powder contains Vitamins A & D and Good source of protein and excellent source of calcium to help maintain health and active lifestyle. Ingredients: Whole milk, Vitamin A acetate, Vitamin D3. Available in 50g sachet, 400g, 900g and 2.5kg sizes

Bicarbonate of Soda

Vichoos Bicarbonate of soda can act as a gentle raising agent on its own in recipes. Also added to recipes where an acid component is already present to achieve a rise. Also very useful around the home as a natural cleaner. Available in 200g containers as well as high volume package sizes

Corn Flour

Vichoos corn flour to make your delicious dishes. Since our corn flour is 100% natural, with all of the bran, germ and endosperm, it promotes healthy digestion Available in regular and wholesale package sizes

Salt & Sugar Sachet

Instant Dissolving, hygienically packed Vichoos Salt and Sugar Sachet or stick packs for convenient use. Specially packed for restaurant, hotels or takeaway outlet use. Available in 1000 Sachets x 5g packaging.

Baking Powder

Vichoos Baking Powder results in perfect homemade texture, shape, and volume for all types of baked goods. You can use Vichoos Baking Powder as a leavening ingredient in biscuits, muffins, waffles, cornbread, cakes of all kinds, coffee cakes, and nut breads. This product is packed in reusable, recloseable tin canisters.

White Vinegar

Vichoos white vinegar is manufactured with Acetic acid blended high quality water to create a great seasoning agent used as a preservative by consumers and food service segment alike. Available in a convenient pet, glass and food service packaging.

Iodized Salt

Fine grind easily dissolving, Vichoos Iodized all-purpose sea salt. Made by nature, packaged by Vichoos. This salt supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient for the proper functioning of the Thyroid. Can be obtained in 1Kg, 2Kg packs, easy sprinkle cans or in sachet packs.

Icing Sugar

Delite Icing sugar is a very fine, powdered sugar with exceptionally smooth texture. Ideal for making frosting's, glazes, fudge, and candy-making. Contains cornstarch to prevent caking. Can be supplied in standard package sizes to meet your requirements.